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Get your favorite vodka brands right to your door with Thirst in the Philippines!

All about Vodka

Vodka is still quite mysterious to many. In reality, it's a clear-colored drink of water and ethanol that’s been distilled to perfection. 

Creating a vodka requires a multi-step process involving fermentation, distillation, and filtration. To make it, you can use almost any material that's capable of transforming into alcohol in the end.

The name 'vodka' originates from the Russian term for water: "voda". This beverage is created through a distillation process of va


Thirst – Liquor on Demand is the only Online Liquor Marketplace in the country. Get all your liquor needs met on one website. Select from multiple product listings, compare prices and choose from multiple merchants listed on Thirst and get your order delivered right to your doorstep. #GetThirsty and #IndulgeYourThirst today!

Drink responsibly, 18+ only.

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