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Barokes Assorted Bundle 24 Pack 250ML

Barokes Assorted Bundle 24 Pack 250ML

Barokes Assorted Bundle 24 Pack 250ML

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Red Wine

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250ML x 24




Barokes Assorted Bundle 24 Pack 250ML- Exceptional wines produced using Vinsafe Generation 1 and 2 technologies. The grapes were selected from a range of vineyards and the resulting wines blended to product a consistency of style of wine in a can using the unique Vinsafe method. A fine rose with medium texture and flavour. Delivering fruity mouth sweetness and character. A nose of currants and flowers, and crimson-pink colour. A sparkling wine for any occasion, celebratory or otherwise and for casual times. Drink with tapas, canapes, marinated seafoods, terrines or plain parmesan. Serve icy cold to enjoy the bubbles. Barokes wine in a can is an innovative, lightweight, portable, environmentally sustainable and convenient wine product which suits the lifestyles of a new generation of wine consumers. Peter Scudamore-Smith Master of Wine. Australian chardonnay semillon white wine from sunny climates combines a taste of rich, nutty chardonnay flavours from blends of mature wines with the delightful fruitiness of youthful Semillon. The nose of honey from subtle wine maturity provides a classy wine with a distinctive peach aroma. It hasa good green, pale gold colour. A full bodied red wine blend of three fully ripe Australian grape varieties. The rich mouth feel is provided by shiraz, lots of mellowness by merlot, combined with the firm finish of the cabernet. There are ripe aromas on the nose, a subtle hint of oak, red and crimson colours.