Thirst Gin Bundle

₱ 3,834.00


Bombay Sapphire Bramble 1L: The Original Bombay Dry Gin is married with a 100% natural fruit infusion, perfectly balancing the essence of fruit with vibrant juniper notes. A real fruit infusion of Blackberry and Raspberry gives this a distinct colour and natural flavor, with no added sugar.

Suntory Roku Gin 700ml: The first gin from Japan's legendary Suntory - Roku Gin. This expression is made using a selection of botanicals, including six Japanese botanicals provide a whistle-stop tour of the four seasons. These include sakura leaf and sakura flower for spring, sencha tea and gyokuro tea for summer, sansho pepper for autumn and yuzu peel for winter.

Damrak Gin 700ml: As gin originally derived from jenever, a Dutch invention, Damrak is proud to be the Amsterdammer among the London boys. With its cheerful bottle and fresh citrus notes, Damrak is everything but a standard London dry gin. Damrak is a real Amsterdammer: proud yet accessible, clever yet genuine and fresh