Premium Japanese Saikoro Steak

₱ 1,593.00
₱ 1,514.00
  • 1 Kilo


Diced beef steak is called ‘saikoro sutēki‘ (サイコロステーキ) in Japanese. The word ‘steak’ became a Japanese word but it is pronounced in the Japanese way, i.e. sutēki (ステーキ).  Saikoro (サイコロ) means dice, which is exactly what this steak looks like.

Diced Beef Steak is a Japanese invention. It is easy to pick up with chopsticks. Wasabi flavoured sauce and a sauce with grated onion, garlic and soy bring a Japanese flavour to the steak. Our Premium Japanese Saikoro steak is best paired with your favorite beer, whisky or wine.

Weight: Approximately 1KG per pack.


Imported from Japan!