Monkey 47 Dry Gin

₱ 3,153.00
  • 500ml


Origin: Germany           Alc%: 47%

Founded in 2009 by Alexander Stein in the Black Forest. A complex mix of 47 botanicals leading to the most recognized ultra-premium craft gin in the world. Unrivaled quality, batched distilled in 100L copper stills and aged for 3 months in earthen clay copper pots . After distillation, aged in clay pots for 3 months leading to rounder flavours of the 47 ingredients.

Tasting Notes
Nose – The distinct scent of juniper, tangy and crisp citrus notes, a sweet, flowery aroma, with a hint of peppery spices.
Palate – Classic London Dry characters with a complex mix of Black Forest botanicals. Crisp and fresh in the mouth, with some tangy and slight spicy notes which add extra freshness to the traditional characters.
Finish – Fairly complex. Good balance of all components and racy, fresh finish.

Classic Serve : Monkey Tonic

Ingredients :
• 3cl Monkey 47
• 20cl Tonic Water

How to Serve :
• Pour the Monkey into a glass and fill up with ice and tonic.
• Garnish with a grapefruit zest.